This is the 2020 VBS you don't want to miss!

Each day has 5 steps + bonus items

  • Step #1 - Families worship through Scripture Music and Song Actions. Get up, get moving and can download the MP3’s of each song. 
  • Step #2 - Science Devotions are engaging and scripture packed. Parents follow a simple 3-step plan to engage their family in the Bible 
  • Step #3 - Sink or Float Videos are fun and interactive experiences! Stand if you think it is going to float! Sit if you think it is going to sink! Keep track of points and have some family fun! 
  • Step #4 - Family Science Projects use household items! Videos are tutorial-based, S.T.E.M. experiences. Bridge Building, The Egg Drop Challenge, Float Your Boat and more. 
  • Step #5 - Every Session concludes with a family game and fun bonuses.


  1.  How much does this cost?  No cost to your family because FBCLiveOak is covering the $10 per home fee.
  2. Will we have to buy supplies?  There will be a free kit with supplies you might not have at home.  These kits will be pick-up only at the FBCLiveOak campus during a drive-thru event a few days before VBS (details will be sent to the email used when you register).
  3. Do parents need a chemistry or biology degree to lead this at home?  Absolutely not!  Mr Josh is a seasoned educator with BA in Chemistry Education, a MA in Effective Instruction, and earned National Board Certification in Young Adult and Adolescent Science.  Every video is clear, concise and easy to follow.
  4. What ages can participate?  This is designed for school age kids that can follow simple directions BUT if you have younger kids and/or older kids that want to join in, please let them! 
  5. Will my kids really learn about God in a Science VBS?  100% YES!  God is the Creator of this world and knows more about science than any scientist with lots of letters behind their name on a diploma.  Josh does a fascinating job of engaging kids (and adults) with science while pointing each and every step back to God.
  6. Do we have to do all 5 steps each day?  No.  You can choose 1, 2 or all 5 but Ms Debbie has watched them all and feels certain your kids will want to see them all.  And if you love to bake/cook, you are going to LOVE the bonus activity each day.
  7. Do we have to log in at a specific time each day for the videos?  No.  The videos are not live and can be watched at any time throughout your day.  Maybe you want to watch a few in the morning and then save 1 or 2 to watch after a parent gets home from work.
  8. Will there be any prizes?  We plan to have daily challenges in our private Facebook group where kids & families can post pics/videos of completed science projects.  We will allow those not on Facebook to submit entries via email.  These daily challenges will earn participants entries for gift cards and other prizes.  Once registered, you'll receive an invite to the group.
  9. Do I have to be a member of FBCLiveOak?  No.  We want every family to enjoy VBS this summer and our church wants to help make that happen for all those in our community and surrounding areas.
  10. Will there be T-shirts for this VBS?  YES!!!  So glad you asked, because we are excited to offer you a custom design by our favorite Sunday Cool shirt company for just $15.  So these shirts will not only be a great souvenir for the week, but they'll be one of the softest shirts you own!  The shirt store will run July 9-23 and if you're registered you'll receive  an email with a link so you can buy shirts for the kids, parents, grandparents and anyone else who loves soft shirts.  Here's a pic of the design:
If you have more questions, please contact Ms Debbie at the church office or send an email by clicking HERE